Bienvenue à la Haute école en Hainaut

HEH in a few words

The Institute of Higher Education of the French-speaking community (Haute École en Hainaut, henceforth HEH), is located in Mons and in Tournai, Belgium.

The HEH consists of four major departments :

  • Economic Studies (BA’s)
  • Social Studies (BA’s)
  • Teacher Training (BA’s)
  • Technical Engineering (BA’s and MA’s)


The Department of Economy (Campus Économique) proposes four BA’s :

  • BA in Law Studies
  • BA Personal Secretary / Director’s Assistant
  • BA in Tourism


The Department of Social Studies offers two BA’s and one MA :

  • Social Assistant
  • Social Adviser
  • MA in 'Ingénierie et Action Sociales' (MIAS)


The Teacher Training Department offers BA’s for students who would like to teach in both primary and secondary schools :

  • Pre-primary school teacher training
  • Primary school teacher training
  • Secondary school teacher training
  • Specialist Teacher training


The Technical Engineering Department offers BA’s and MA’s in the following fields :

BA in :

  • Biotechnology
  • Computer Sciences
  • Electronics
  • Graphic Design

MA in :

  • Industrial Sciences, options in :
    • Environment and Energy conservation
    • Surveyor
    • Civil Engineering and Building Sciences
    • Multimedia and Computer Sciences