Bienvenue à la Haute école en Hainaut

HEH in a few words

Our Institute of Higher Education of the French-speaking community (Haute École en Hainaut also known as HEH) is a university college located in Mons and in Tournai, Belgium.

Created in 1996, HEH gathers more than 3000 students following one of our thirty-one Bachelor and Master training courses divided into four education categories. HEH therefore consists of the following four departments :

  • Economic (BA’s)
  • Social (BA’s and MA’s)
  • Teacher Training (BA’s)
  • Technical Engineering (BA’s and MA’s)


The Economic Department offers three BA’s :

  • BA in executive assistant
  • BA in law 
  • BA in tourism and leisure management


The Social Department offers two BA’s and one MA :

BA's in : 

  • social worker
  • social advisor

MA in :

  • MA in social engineering and action (MIAS)
  • (Staggered hours training) MA in social transitions and innovations (METIS) 


The Teacher Training Department offers BA’s for students who would like to teach in both primary and secondary schools :

  • BA in preschool teacher 
  • BA in primary school teacher
  • BA certified lower secondary education teacher training degree
    - BA in Dutch and English
    - BA in French - French as a foreign language
    - BA in French and moral education
    - BA in French, philosophy and citizenship
    ​- BA in human sciences : history, geography, social sciences
    - BA in mathematics
    - BA in plastic arts 
    - BA in sciences : biology, chemistry, physics
  • ​BA in youth worker specialised in psycho-educational counselling


The Technical Engineering Department offers BA’s and MA’s in the following fields :

BA's in :

  • biotechnics 
    Options : 
    bioelectronics and instrumentation
  • computing and systems : networks and telecommunications
  • electronics : applied electronics
  • graphic techniques : computer graphics

MA's in :

  • industrial engineering : building
    ​Options : 
    - energy and environment
    - civil engineering and buildings
  • industrial engineering :  surveyor
  • ​industrial engineering : computer science
    - networks and security
    - automation and embedded systems


Willing to opening up at an international level, HEH has signed the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) and offers its students training and academic mobility opportunities via the Erasmus+ programme. Mobility grants are also available to students outside European borders thanks to the FAME programme (“Fonds d’Aide à la Mobilité Étudiante”, that is, aid funds for student mobility).